Why Have An Asbestos Inspection On Vermiculite Insulation?

Posted on: 15 February 2023


Some older homes still contain some vermiculite insulation. This natural mineral was a popular solution for wall and attic insulation for many years. Vermiculite expands when heated and provides a cost-effective and efficient solution.

However, if you do find that you have some of this material in your home, you need to get advice on what to do with it. You should call out an asbestos specialist. Why?

Find Out If Your Vermiculite Contains Asbestos 

Most of the vermiculite used for older insulation products came from one mine. While vermiculite itself is a harmless mineral, the mine was also the site of a significant asbestos deposit.

So, some of the materials used as insulation from this source contained asbestos. If your insulation came from this mine, then it might be tainted.

You can't tell if your insulation contains asbestos just by looking at it. In fact, you should keep away from vermiculite products just in case they are hazardous. If they contain asbestos fibers in a loose fill, then you could disturb the asbestos and inhale some of its strands.

You need the help of an asbestos contractor here. If they think you might have a problem, then they can test your insulation to see if it does contain any asbestos. 

Find Out What To Do With Your Vermiculite Insulation

You have to treat any materials which contain asbestos with care. If you disturb the asbestos, then it can float into the air. If you come into contact with it, then you could be at risk. Asbestos can cause cancers and other serious medical conditions.

In some cases, your asbestos specialist might recommend that you leave your vermiculite insulation where it is even if it is likely to contain asbestos. For example, if your insulation is hidden away in a wall, then the risk of asbestos contamination is low. As long as you don't disturb the material and your walls contain it completely, then it might be safe where it is.

However, if your insulation is in an open area, such as an attic, or if you want to remove it during a remodeling project, then you need to know if you can do this yourself or whether you need to use an asbestos removal company. If your vermiculite contains asbestos, then you should have it removed by trained contractors who can dispose of the materials safely and without any health risks.

To get the help you need, contact asbestos inspection specialists. They can tell you if your insulation needs testing for asbestos. They can also help you decide what to do with the materials if they test positive.