3 Ways Sewer Cleaning Services Can Help Your Retail Business With Sewer Cleaning Beyond The Basics

Posted on: 22 April 2020


As the owner of a business that serves the public, you already know that sewer systems are one of the big components that make every-day work run smoothly. Having the sewer system cleaned regularly helps to thwart the potential for problems, and sewer cleaning services can help with the project. Not only do these industry professionals have the equipment and experience to tackle the major components of a sewer system, but they can also clean the outermost components that can contribute to sewer problems as well. Here is a look at some of the ways a sewer cleaning service can help your retail establishment with sewer-related issues beyond just the basics. 

Cleaning Urinal Drains to Keep Them Free-Flowing 

Most retail businesses do have gender-specific restrooms, so the male restrooms are most often outfitted with a series of urinals. Urinals work well for the purpose, but they can also be prone to collecting calcium deposits that inhibit their flow over the years. Occasionally, it is best to have the drainage lines leading from the urinals and into the sewers cleaned professionally, and this is something that a sewer cleaning company can help you achieve. The urinals are dismantled and the lines are directly cleaned during this process to make sure they are completely free-flowing when the job is done. 

Cleaning Grease Traps to Thwart Future Problems 

If your retail business has a bakery, deli, or other food service area, there should be grease traps in place at drainage sinks in the area of the store. These grease traps are probably manually cleaned on a rotating schedule by your staff, but getting them professionally cleaned by a company like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services is also a good idea. Through professional cleaning, all parts of the grease trap are cleaned so they are free of grease and deposits, including the lines that lead from the trap into the sewer system. 

Jet-Cleaning Primary Drainage Points to Lower Clog Opportunities 

Throughout the years, the primary drainage lines of the sewer system can accumulate a great deal of sludge and mineral deposits. The longer these lines go without being properly cleaned, the more likely it will be that you experience a major issue with drainage at some point. jet cleaning involves a using a high-pressure hose to jet water through the lines and into the main sewer receiving points to dislodge that sludge. Having this process done periodically can greatly lessen the risks of running into an unexpected drainage problem.